to promote lacrosse to the youth of Milton
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 Equipment needed for Girls Lacrosse:  
US Lacrosse Equipment guide
Girls/Womens Lacrosse Stick* (possibly cut in length a little by coaches later)
Colored Mouth Guard (not clear) - if you have a doctor/dentist recommendation for a more specialized mouthguard, please follow their advice.  Otherwise, please find a colored rubberized plastic moldable mouthguard.

Optional gear:
Girls Lax Gloves - optional (for really cold days!)
an extra stick at your house for playing catch is also recommended BUT a good mitt will also work

Where to buy (some recommendations beyond the big box stores):
-- beginner packages available

Play It Again Sports - please familiarize yourself with modern sticks and don't buy earlier models 

Goalie Gear:  

Each coach is supplied with gear by MYL to legally protect your daughter when playing this position.  Many times she will play half  of the game & another girl will switch with her. 

*If your daughter has a skin infection on any given day that is contageous, please notify the coach so that we have her play goalie on a different day.  Open & healing wounds should be covered at all times while playing.  The CDC is a great source of up to date medical information about risk & precvention .  Here is an example for ring worm - fungus: